A downloadable game for Windows

This Game is extremely Alpha but you can get an idea of the game by just taking some time to try this early and i mean EARLY demo of this game. In this game you are looking for a lost person but you end up being lost in a forest. The game has a PSX type of graphics and is a horror survival game. SUPER EARLY DEMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Gone-Missing.zip 24 MB


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Here's my gameplay!

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Lol I cant believe you actually played it im thankful but there isn't any real content yet but I hope you re check it when its finished. Which if im only a lil lazy that should be a week

Am I blind, or is this just a tiny empty map with nothing but walls?

Yessir. Like I said this is basically just a tech demo theres really nothing to i

I hope you like it :)

In later/an actual game please feel free to tell me bugs and problems with the game and you can also tell me what I can add but I'm not guaranteeing ill add it of course.